Roads Of Death

Roads Of Death

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Roads Of Death

Air Battles over the Western Front Normandy Falaise August 1944. Typhoon fighter bombers of the 2nd TAF strafe and rocket german troops of the 5th and 7th Panzer Army, attempting to eacape from the Falaise pocket through a fifteen mile gap which remained open between the allied armies untill the 20th of August. Although large numbers of the above units managed to escape, allied artillery and aircraft inflicted severe damage and casaulties upon them, eventually nearly 50,000 German troops trapped inside the closed pocket surrendered.

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"Very impressed with Mark's work, extremely impressed with the quality of the prints. So refreshing to see so much research and detail linked with every picture, great value for money, will buy again!!!"

Adrian Ryall

"The picture has arrived and it is wonderful, Thanks."

Neil Shipton

...we wanted to tell you how impressed we are with the detail of the ship. It's beautiful... Jack took your sketch over to his mother's house ( she is 87 soon ) she took one look and said that's "his" ship. She had a lot of memories that came flooding back.....we are now having her write down her stories to keep along with the painting.

Jack and Kathy

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